Same procedure – Putlitz is calling

It’s gonna B a warm welcome at VUUV FESTIVAL in 2o12 again – C U all on the chill floor! N-joy my pre-opening set: live Fri, 24.08.2012 20:00 – 22:30 right B4 the mainfloor starts!  


ChillOut – Funky & melancholic at the same time…

This one was originally just a delay exercise but it grew up and met the impressive arts of Armin and Boogie, two very inspiring musicians. Thank you guys for having such a great time in the studio! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]   11i – Unless 2.0_pow-r2_opo   Copyright Elfenhain Productions 2012, all …


Sunset at the beach

Enjoy some tiny impressions from Luminosity Beach Festival 2012. I was very pleased 2 participate in this glorious event. Even though we had that strong weather with sandstorm-like breezes I enjoyed it very much. Thx 2 the team 4 making all this possible & C U again next year! Background Music: ”When the sun” by …

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Find some mixed impressions here. Additionally there are a few Indoor Appearance Impressions Festival Impressions Vuuv 2012

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Alternative Vocal Trance – A personal view…

Herewith I proudly present a preview of my actual favourite music project LX7 feat. Mistress. Listen to the preview & enjoy this track’s very special atmosphere: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]   LX7 feat. Mistress – I See 5.8_pow-r2_norm   Composition & Lyrics: Elfenhain Productions Copyright: Elfenhain Productions 2012, all rights reserved Vocals: …

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Ladies On Stage für das FMZ Hamburg!

Liebe Freunde und Bekannte ! Ich schreibe euch heute, weil ich mich für das Frauenmusikzentrum Ottensen engagiere. Leider ist das fmz zum 25. Jahr seines Bestehens in Not. Der Eigentümer beabsichtigt zu verkaufen und hat dem fmz gekündigt. Das fmz konnte jedoch eine große Hamburger Stiftung gewinnen, die zum Verkauf angebotenen Räumlichkeiten des fmz zu …

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Progressive Style – Something in between…

This is what happens when having some spare time during holidays! My whole life, there was only one thing I wanted that I couldn’t have… [Audio clip: view full post to listen]   11i – The Pet 2.8_pow-r2_opo   Copyright Elfenhain Productions 2012, all rights reserved Guitar: Eyke Hoffmann   More demo tracks on Soundcloud. …


ChillOut 4 sophisticated audiences

N-joy some ChillOut, Lounge & Ambient Mixes – finest of downbeat tunes with own remixes and especially compiled 4 sophisticated audiences with my very special project ‘Calmagize’. Calm down on energizing grooves! For german information please vistit calmagize.com

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Please support my ‘End Of Time’ RMX

During the End Of Time RMX contest I have added some of my stuff: ”End Of Time” [11i RMX] Original by Beyoncé by 11i Elfenhain Productions Please support this project by visiting http://endoftime.beyonceonline.com/tracks/2478


6 AM Eternal

My special NYE gift for the audience at Edelfettwerk. during 6 A. M. Eternal 2o11. Very different tunes & own RMXes compiled with some of my all time faves – pure emotional art in soundz with my new intro draft! Special appearance by Tanjara [THX 2 Yaniv] – njoy :-)