Consulting & Services

All audio engineering services offered to international artists are in use of high quality equipment and by dint of profund expertise.

Audio Production & Editing Services offered:

  • mixing – stereo & surround
  • demo productions
  • music production, RMXing & artist support
  • musician & production coaching
  • individual sound design
  • trailer sounds & jingle creation
  • audio editing services
  • signal conditioning
  • compiling – live & dj sets

Please view the contact section 4 details on file transfer  &  sending your request for further quotations on audio engineering services as well ad DJ related issues.



Additionally business consulting under economic aspects is recommended.

Economic Consulting Services offered:

  • general business consulting
  • strategic development
  • customer relationship management
  • administrative issues
  • general business consulting
  • controlling
  • capability approval & analysis of expense
  • web marketing

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