In Person

The Artist…

Music was her 1st love that she already fell in at the early age of 4 when her long-time classical music education started. She learned playing several flutes, the piano and the electric guitar, had different band and choire projects during the 80′s & 90′s.

While working with mentors like F. Wormsbächer, R. Stehli & G. Kropp she started composing at the an early age and progressed with it on each instument she learned. In the meanwhile, studio recordings with the ‘Funcoustic’ choire project brought up her interest in professional audio production workaraounds.

Getting hooked up with digital emulations of the legendary 3o3 her personal one girl home production fairytale started.

Additionally her mixing activities grew up to intensive DJing & impressive gigs at several Trance Festivals in Germany like Vuuv Experience, Psychedelic Circus or Spiritual Healing for instance.


… & The engineer

Time went by, technology & skills improved that nowadays she enjoys having nearly unlimited potential within her audio workstations. ‘Music is art – audio is engineering’…

As a manifold ‘musicianeer’ she works mostly digitally, using different kinds of hard- & software; combining modern digitalism with her classical expertise. Her equipment setup is individually adapted to cover all of her various needs.


By setting high value on the dynamic aspect she nowadays realizes personal projects and offers audio services and business consulting to other artists & producers.

Elfenhain Production Services are recommended for artists & producers in various styles having a valuable dynamic in sound. A detailed list of stlyes, skills and equipment is provided on request.


The number 11

The number eleven is more than fascinating in several ways. Not only that it is ‘one louder’. …it is mystically described as the number of strength. Here I will tell you how taking ’11i’ as a pseudonyme 4 me occured and what the story is all about.