… the underwoods – home of ELFENHAIN PRODUCTIONS.

This webpage is designed for promoting & sharing my music production and DJ activities as well as professional audio services. My projects and activities are:

  • ELFENHAIN PRODUCTIONS – the general term for audio workarounds
  • ELFENHAIN PROD. ['11i' / DJ - Trance & Psychedelic]
  • ELFENHAIN PROD. ['Calmagize' / DJ, Live Act - Chillout & Ambient, Downbeat]
  • ELFENHAIN PROD. ['LX7' / Producer - Trance & Live Act]
  • ‘Alsterelfe’ (Firepoi Dancer & Performer)


As a digital producer I aim to create high ranged dynamic tunes; telling those fairytales even without words. All in all, I like creating melodical symphonies within every piece of my musical work – no matter if it’s as a DJ on stage, remixing other artists or producing own tracks.

After a long time of classical music education I started experimenting in several production workarounds, combinig ancient classical attitudes with modern digitalism. Herewith, Elfenhain Production also offers artificial audio services to other artists – from sound design up to complex arrangement mixings and post production issues.

The styles are various and my all-time credo is: it all depends on the tension! …melodical stuff at it’s best – or even more simple: EMOTIONAL ART IN SOUNDZ

All audio engineering services offered to international artists are in use of high quality equipment and by dint of profund expertise.

Additionally business consulting under economic aspects is recommended. This can be done for studio owners and production companies in Germany only. Please send your request for detailed quotations & visit the official business section on www.mkc.digital.


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