The number 11

The number eleven is more than fascinating in several ways. Not only that it is ‘one louder’. …it is mystically described as the number of strength.

At this stage I will tell you how taking ’11i’ as a pseudonyme 4 me occured…


A short story about the use of 11i & what it means

It all started around the millenium where the Alsterelfe Firepoi thing began. From this time on, mates and fellowes started calling me ‘Elfi’ which is sort of a german short form for Alsterelfe. They said, I was looking like an elve (‘Elf’) with those poi spinned around me like spreading my wings…

‘Elf’ is the german word 4 the number 11 and because the german word ‘Elfi’ is pronounced like ‘El Fee’ the ‘i’ was appended to the numbers. And as I am very into using numbers instead of letters I liked shortening this into 11i.

You may have noticed the retrospective aspect on associating the elve thing in all that – I don’t know why, but this fairytale turns on & on, even I did not use this name the latest years. But 4 sure, whenever you will hear the names Alsterelfe, Elfi or 11i according to the psytrance scene in Germany they seem to point on me.

Nowadays I prefere using the name ‘Calmagize‘ – which stands 4 my combination of calming melodies & energizing grooves during my chill out projects. This seems to be more practical according 2 musical activities with no questions  2 B left unanswered.