More than a game – RMXing the HALO 4 Theme

halo-4-trilogy Kopie

1st of all, THX 2 Neil Davidge 4 sharing his inspiring work!

It is always a pleasure having such great sounds & arrangements at hand when doing a special remix workaround. As always, other sounds are created by myself. The preview on the internet is the unmastered demo version.

Here it is via soundcloud – your feedback is highly appreciated! N-joy, leave your comments & of course – please vote if you like it!

I could hardly decide which of the original tracks from the HALO 4 themes that were offered 4 remixing 2 choose. They are all brilliant in their special way. I started with ”Awakening” & decided 2 even enhance the original’s powerful mystical aspects by use of some additional bass effects. All in all I came up with a 139 BPM progressive anthem which will absoloutely rock your socks off…


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  1. Mkihail says:

    Hello mate, apart from yours and 3 other people, we didn’t rlaley get too much by way of tracks back, also Big Narstie has pulled the idea to feature it on his album. So, i didn’t want to pick based on receiving so little by way of feedback, also, to be honest, im not rlaley a big fan of Grime. Too much anger and hate. I would much rather some melodic filth. Sorry to everyone (4 people) who sent in their remix, we’re not running the remix contest anymore, as i didn’t feel people actually wanted to take part. I love you all, and im sorry this didnt work out that well, ill get my head in the game and come up with some more ideas for remixes and such. Rich. x

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