.lUcie’s deep dive into trance

.lUcie – the lovely unique custom intelligent entity [32 GHz i7 CPUs, custom WIN7, custom music software] did it’s first deep dive into original trance sound. The baby born under water comes up within the Elfenhain Productions Project LX7 and is called ‘Scuba’ – you can exclusively prelisten here: LX7 – Scuba (click to play): …


Welcome .lUcie

System Upgrade 2016 nearly finished. Elfenhain Productions proudly presents .lUcie – the lovely unique custom intelligent entity. All production aspects are digital right now with 32 GHz i7 CPUs, custom WIN7, custom music software and all in all 5.6 times faster than Power Mac G5


MK Entertainment Consulting

In 2014 MK Entertainment Consulting was officially established & it’s running very well. Within the upcoming winter season a new webpage will be coming up, so stay tuned with updates viewing the new domain – the Update is in progress…

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 18.59.56

Always in 2o14

Happy New Year 2o14, everyone! For this new year’s startup I proudly present some ancient piano stuff from a modern point of view. All composition was already done some years ago but now freshed up with a new arrangement. At this time, it’s gonna be sort of classical – back 2 the roots… somehow. You …

halo-4-trilogy Kopie

More than a game – RMXing the HALO 4 Theme

1st of all, THX 2 Neil Davidge 4 sharing his inspiring work! It is always a pleasure having such great sounds & arrangements at hand when doing a special remix workaround. As always, other sounds are created by myself. The preview on the internet is the unmastered demo version. Here it is via soundcloud – …

vuuv hp teaser

Vuuv 2012 reViewed

Welcome 2 my very special Vuuv review! THX 2 Rainer 4 taking some impressions during my set. What a lovely floor & stage decoration! Afterwards I even heard of a fish flying above the audience! So sorry that I missed this, so now all of you please tell me: WHERE IS ‘NEMO’??? ;-)   Don’t …


ChillOut – Funky & melancholic at the same time…

This one was originally just a delay exercise but it grew up and met the impressive arts of Armin and Boogie, two very inspiring musicians. Thank you guys for having such a great time in the studio! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]   11i – Unless 2.0_pow-r2_opo   Copyright Elfenhain Productions 2012, all …